2012 June 23 - Pictures updated...

2009 December 16 - The hosting service that we were using stopped allowing FrontPage as a web page editor.  Long story short, it was easier for me to find a different company to host this site.  Our site was down for almost a week while I uploaded everything to the new site.

2009 March 15 - Our computer died in early January (thank goodness for backing things up).  A very special thanks to Matt for helping us choose the components to build a new computer.  I put everything together this past week and now it's time for updates.  Check back often, because there will be a lot more pictures being uploaded.

2008 September 01 - I've added a lot of pictures and links for our travels and what we've been doing.  I guess I sort of forgot about this page (which would explain why it's been over a year since I've updated this).  Feel free to check out our pictures and if you have any questions or comments, please send us an e-mail (there is a link to our e-mail address on the home page).

2007 May 7 - We are all settled into our new life here in Japan.  We have started exploring and have begun to update photos from November 2006 on...  We will add more from our adventures as time goes on.

2006 Dec 26 - What has changed since the last update...We have moved and are pretty well settled into our new home in Japan.  I have started adding many pictures from our trip to Egypt and then also some from our travels.

2006 Sep 27 - Wow, time flies.  We went through spring and summer and are now into fall.  Kayla and Cory have started school and we had a great summer.  Pictures have been updated, of course.  We are about to move and the computer will be packed up next week.  There probably won't be any changes to the site until sometime in December or possibly even January.

2006 Feb 25 - I have made a lot of changes since I last updated this so long ago.  A lot of new pictures have been added.  I have added a few links around the site as well.  Thank you to all who view my (our) site.

2005 Oct 10 - Ellen wrote me... she looks here, too.  Strange that only females are looking at my site.  I've been adding pictures and I have been changing the picture page.  Enjoy.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

2005 Aug 12 - How neglectful... I was supposed to add Tori... thanks to all our friends :)

2005 Aug 09 - Thanks Laura... It appears Laura checks out our site, too.  It would appear to me that a site I had originally set up for our family is often viewed by friends and not our family.  Go figure.  It's difficult to load pictures here (with a dial up) but several pictures have finally been loaded :)  Enjoy.  And thanks for checking out our site :)

2005 June 01 - Jenny was nice enough to let us know that she looks here, too :)

2005 January 19 - Does anyone even look here??? (So far only Lisa has told me she looks here.)

2005 May 07 - We had our European vacation (so to speak) and I have posted the pictures in folder seven.  Updating this site has become very difficult since we are still on a dial up.  Rumor has it that this summer we will get ADSL (price to be determined).  Hopefully then, I can rearrange the site and make it better.  I welcome suggestions and criticisms.

2005 January 04 - Pictures have been added to both folders five and six.

2004 December 16 - I have started fixing links and pages.  I have found some pictures that didn't pull up (only the thumbnail was there).  How come no one told me about these pictures not working?

2004 November - Several changes during this month.  We are on a dial up so I can only change a little bit at a time and uploading pictures takes a while.  I have begun fixing broken or inaccurate links so if you come across something that isn't correct, please let me know.  I have taken Cory's e-mail off the front page since we aren't sure if we'll check it much with the dial up connection.

2004 July 09 - I have made a lot of changes (but I haven't been keeping up with this page).  Most of the changes are either added or deleted links and adding pictures.

2004 March 14 - Cory has his own e-mail account;  cory@mindelfamily.com  It is now on the first page of the website, too. 

2004 March 04 - I have posted some updates here and there.  Added a few sites (including Ariane's store).  The newest change that I have been putting together is Turkey.  I found out on Tuesday (the 2nd) that I had orders coming.  We haven't been in NJ for two years yet so this was a surprise.  This weekend I will post the news to the web site.

2004 Jan 20 - Moved the pictures to a single page.  Created a joke site page (from the website page).

2004 Jan 10 Several changes all over (what else is new, right?)  I have added pictures, video, and sites.

2003 September 15 - I have added pictures and the hurricane site...

2003 August 23 - Several changes throughout.

2003 July 25 - For those who were wondering, our website has been down for a while.  In order to have a website, most people create their site on their own computer and then "rent" space with a hosting service who then puts the site out on the Internet.  Our hosting service sort of "vanished" and with the process of purchasing the house, I didn't have time to find a new host.  But, we're back and I have updated a few pages and hope to update several others in the next few days/weeks.

2003 Jun 05 - We have added the page about our new house :)

2003 Jun 1 - We went to NYC today.  A cold and rainy day so there aren't any pictures.  We went to the HRC (of course).  We then drove around the city, Broadway, Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, etc.  Of course, we stopped by the former site of the WTC buildings and showed them to Cory.  We were in Spain when the attacks happened, but Cory saw it on TV so we try to make sure he understands what happened as much as possible.  The travel page has changed a little bit with today's trip.

2003 May 30 - I have changed a  few pages here and there.  Sam is working so our what we are doing page has changed a little.  We are also in the process of buying our first home so I am setting that "notice" page up.  When things are a little more finalized, we'll post that page.  I have also added a flag to the home page.  This should have been done a long time ago.  I returned from the UAE on 16 May and it was (is) great to see the family.  In the near future, I will add a page about my experience to this site and add some pictures.

2003 Feb 14 - We added some pictures to the home page that were taken today.  Also, I am leaving tonight for UAE.  Please write Sam, Cory, and Kayla often while I am away.

2003 Feb 09 - Two short video clips of Cory skiing (on the video page).  I also added a new paragraph to my going away section.

2003 Feb 03 -  I added another special link for Kiska and Mari :)

I have also changed the news links page.  I am now using their respective logos.

2003 Jan 30 - I updated my going away page.  I'm going to the desert, but which one?  I also made some minor changes to the video page. (There will be no new postings until I update my video capture card).

2003 Jan 19 - I have added a link next to Cory's school so we can find out if his school is closed for the day.  There are too many schools in the area to listen to the radio to run through them all.  I have also added a special comic for Mari and Kiska.  :)

2003 Jan 15 - I just found out I am being deployed.  So, I added the page that I am going away.

2003 Jan 14 - Samantha's birthday... did you send her a card?

2003 Jan 13 - Added the "What we are doing..." page.  I have added a Power Point Presentation on the KC-10 from when the aircraft was made.  It is only pictures but if anyone has any more KC-10 pictures, I would be grateful for them.

2003 Jan 12 - I have started to add pictures from where we have lived.  In Rota, I have placed some pictures of the house we were living in (off base). Samantha "formatted" some pages to make it look a little nicer.

2003 Jan 11 - Added the pictures from our Illinois trip.  Added the link "home" to the pages.  Home brings you back to the main page.