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G081        CAMS        GDSS II        MESL        AMS        AF FORM 623a,  MAR 79 (EF) (with lines)        AF Form 2426 (MS Word)        AF Form 2426 (IMT)        AF Form 2426 (e-Pub link)

The new AF Fitness AFI (Posted 12 January 2010 - Effective 01 July 2010)                 2010 Fitness Calculator

Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel (AFI 36-2903)            The Enlisted Force Structure (AFI 36-2618) - Also known as "The Little Brown Book"

AFI 21-101 (12 April 2010) Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management        WAPS CoP

Routing slip        Dream sheet        News about the Incirlik cargo hub        SmartForce Training        Supervision Calculator        Travel Voucher        Travel Voucher Continuation Sheet        The Tongue and Quill (AFH 33-337 01 August 2004)                Virtual Aircraft        Awards        Unofficial Promotion Calculator        When do I test?        When do I finish / retire?        USAF "Basic" photos        Benefits        BMI Calculator        BTZ Guide        CCAF        Julian Calendar        Knowledge Now        Interpreting your LES        LOAC    Hand Receipt (AF IMT 1297)    AFI 65-103 (Temporary Duty Orders)    Performance Feedback Worksheet (AB thru TSgt) V20070625    Frequently Used References        Air Force Leave Form (AF 988)    vPSC (Virtual Personnel Services Center (PRDA) - Personnel Records Display Application)        Information about the Constitution        Lost Tool/Object Report (CAF Form 145)       





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DHS Global Entry Program        Housing search        Air Force Housing        Move.Mil (the Official DPS Portal)        (Moving Guide)        AMC Passenger Terminal Phone Numbers        USAF NAF Jobs


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