Cory driving the Mercedes 16 August 2012

Amusement Ride - 04 August 2012

Cory & Kayla - Zip Lining  at Gunstock NH - 01 August 2012 (3)

Cory & Kayla - Zip Lining  at Gunstock NH - 01 August 2012 (2)

Cory & Kayla - Zip Lining  at Gunstock NH - 01 August 2012 (learning lesson)

Kayla on the slide at Tokyo Summerland - no, she didn't get hurt (13 September 2010)

Kayla, Cory, and Dad riding the tube slide (it's a large AVI file (06 February 2010)

Cory was hired by Yum! Yum! ORANGE for their mini CD "Candy Candy Candy!"  They liked him so much, they asked him back to be in the video.  Click here for the video or click here for the You Tube video.

Kayla lighting the menorah (2008)

Cory lighting the menorah (2008)

Japanese men making Mochi

Japanese banging drums

Cory pounding rice into Mochi

Kayla pounding rice into Mochi

Kayla banging on the drums

Cory Scuba diving in Turkey

Kayla jumps in the water (QuickTime videos)  one    two (04 June 2005)

Kayla jumping on a trampoline (Incirlik AB, Turkey) January 2005 (Quicktime video)

Cory on the Lazy River at Sesame Place (2004 May 09) (AVI)

Kayla and Ed playing with the Slinky Dec 2003 (AVI)

Cory Sledding (Dec 2003) in front of our house.

Here are two different video clips (no sound) of Cory sledding (and going over a jump) at the local high school.

(1) Cory Sledding (Dec, 2003)        (2) Cory Sledding (Dec, 2003)

Cory's school had a "Halloween Dance" and Kayla really got into it.   Kayla dancing (sideways, Oct 2003)

There is a swing type ride at Six Flags (NJ) and Jenny told us how much fun it is.  So, she took Marina (Jenny's eight year old daughter) and myself up for a ride.  The Ride

We took Cory Skiing to Blue Mountain, PA on 2003 Feb 8.  He did great and although these two videos were taken from a green (beginner) trail, he does pretty good on the blue (intermediate) trails as well.  Here are two small video clips of Cory (in QuickTime format).  Ski_1   &   Ski_2.

Cory on the bumper cars in Spain    (This is a large file to download, but check it out!!!)

These are the same types of bumper cars that we have here in the states, however, there are no rules. The cars also go faster.  It appears to us (in four years) that most of the time, the Spanish people ride the bumper cars for fun whereas the Americans tend to try to "bump" into each other.  Here in the states, it seems as if most parks make you go in one direction and some have even installed a barrier in the middle to lessen the "bumping" of cars.

In the spring, each town welcomes the spring by having a type of carnival (called "Feria").  They will have rides, games, shows & displays, and a lot of places to eat, drink, & dance throughout the night.  When I say throughout the night I mean that a lot of places don't close until the next morning (0700 - 0900).  It's a little difficult to notice, but most of the men dress up in white shirts (maybe a vest), slacks, hat, and horse riding boots (I'll try to add a picture or two here at a later date (Cory)).  The women (of all shapes and sizes) wear a long dress that is frilly at the bottom and tight on top.

The bumper car that Cory is riding is a little too big for him.  If you notice when the headlights are on, that is when he is reaching the pedal.  He struggles a little at first but he soon gets the hang of it.  Also notice that Cory is dressed in the traditional outfit (without the hat for the ride).

Kayla dancing

Dancing to the "musica" of Las Ketchup.  Hear the song Asereje.  Read about Las Ketchup here.

Cory's performance

On the last day of school (in Spain), it is customary for the children to put on a play or perform.  Here is Cory's class.  Cory's class starts at about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  And yes, the time and date are correct.

The KC-10A  

Refueling F-16s, refueling the Stealth, and another video of the Stealth being refueled.

I am often asked what I do in the Air Force and I will eventually have a link explaining that.  For now, I work on the KC-10A.  The KC-10A is an aircraft that hauls cargo and/or people all over the world.  The KC-10 is also able to refuel other American and NATO aircraft in flight (it can also be refueled by other refueling aircraft).

The videos above shows what it looks like from the KC-10A to refuel the F-16 and F-117.

There are other sites that have a lot of information on the KC-10 (and other aircraft) and you can find that by looking at my aviation page (click here).

Cory's performance

Cory's class at the mall (no sound)

Kayla dancing at Chuck E. Cheese (no sound)

Cory & Kayla dancing at home (no sound)