What we are doing...

Ken is in the United States Air Force as a Production Superintendent.  He is the last one to review the aircraft before "maintenance" hands over the aircraft to the flight crew.  It's definitely busier than any place he's ever worked before and he's gaining an incredible amount of experience and knowledge.  He really enjoys scuba diving with Samantha, Cory, and Kayla whenever they have a chance to get in the water.

Samantha is working full-time for the Dept of Defense (USAF) as a Housing Inspector for the largest housing group in the Air Force!

Cory has started his senior year of high school and had a great time working for the Kadena Marina during the summer (he'll still work there part-time during school).  His main interests are scuba diving, free diving, videography, and video games.  He enjoys making videos with friends, editing, and then sharing them via You Tube.

Kayla has started 7th grade and had a great summer diving and hanging out with friends.  She still loves all animals, art work, singing, dancing, and being with her friends.  She has been taking horseback riding lessons for a little over two years and loves it.  It's amazing to watch her the way she handles the horses.

Skittles (our pet rabbit), loves being around his human family and is super friendly.  His interests include running in circles holding his squishy ball and expertly chewing cardboard and paper.  He is frequently found stretched out on the carpet basking in the sun!  He also enjoys visiting with each small kitten that we have fostered for a local rescue group on base.  So far, we have had over 30 kittens; with each spending about a week with us.  It's rewarding to give them TLC and have them find good homes.

(Updated 28 August 2013)